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Life can be hectic. Schedules can be demanding. Bible study doesn't have to be. Online bible study gives you the chance to participate from anywhere...at any time. You can do it alone or with a group of ladies. 

The choice is yours!

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perfect love

We all want to be known and loved. Though we can experience deep relationships with others, there will always be a hole in our hearts for the perfect love of Christ. But, what does that really mean? How do we pursue intimacy with an invisible God? What if we do not feel worthy of His love? How can we respond when troubles kidnap our security in Christ?

In six powerful sessions, author and Bible teacher Lisa Harper walks women through the Song of Solomon to answer those questions and more. Though romance and marital love are typically associated with this book, Lisa takes a Christ-centered approach to illustrate how this ancient love story is relevant to your life and relationship with Jesus today. As she brings clarity to the text and as you watch real-life stories from other women, you will learn how to embrace God's perfect love and realize your own beauty and worth in God's eyes.

How it works

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Here's what you will do each week:

Step One:  Watch for your weekly reminder email from Heart 2 Heart Women's Ministry.

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      Three places to find the study handouts: 

  • Download the "group handouts" zip file from the Perfect Love bible study page in RightNow Media
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  • Pick them up in the church foyer        

Step Three:  Sign into RightNow Media, search for "Perfect Love", and watch that week's video.

Step Four:  Stop by the Heart 2 Heart blog and share in the group chat by answering the online questions. Each Tuesday different questions will be posted. We highly encourage you to actively participate in this part of the study by visiting the blog and responding. Your voice matters to us! This is the part of the study where we share real life together.